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Dock Materials That Transform Your Dock Into a Destination

At its simplest definition, a dock is used to anchor, store, or tie up a boat. However, when made with the best dock materials, your boat dock can be so much more.

Your boat dock is an extension of your home and a place where memories are made. Endeck PVC Decking’s luxurious hardwood appearance will make your boat dock more than just a place to store and access your boat. It will also be the place friends and family love to gather. Its safety, durability, and easy maintenance will keep it that way for years to come.

Your Choice of Boat Dock Materials Matters

You expect a lot of your boat dock. Not only does it provide a place to tie off or store your boat, but it’s also a place for fishing, dangling feet into the water, sharing secrets, running barefoot, and serving as the connection between the waterfront, your home, and the memories waiting to happen.

With so many momentous events happening on your boat dock, your dock needs to be made from dock materials that are safe, durable, and easy to maintain.

Endeck PVC Decking is made with the people you love in mind and safety first with the following features::

  • Cooler in hot weather: Trust those bare feet to the cooler dock materials of Endeck.
  • Fiberglass free: While it can’t protect you from sunburn, Endeck PVC Decking doesn’t contain any fiberglass to irritate the skin.
  • Excellent slip resistance, wet or dry: Keep your family and guests safe from slippery surfaces with Endeck.
  • Splinter free: Endeck won’t crack, splinter, or delaminate. Bare feet love Endeck.

Your family’s safety is just as important at your dock as everywhere else. Your choice of dock materials can make all the difference. Endeck PVC Decking eliminates the common concerns of traditional wood and composite decking and gives you the confidence that your family and guests are safe.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Beauty for Safety and Durability

Safety and long-lasting durability are crucially important. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty to know your dock is safe and that your investment in dock materials will last.

Endeck PVC Decking’s rich color variations and texture allow you to truly make your dock an extension of your home, and your dock feel more like a destination than simply a passageway from land to water.

Access the Look of the World’s Most Exotic Hardwoods

You can achieve the luxurious look of the most exotic hardwoods or the softness of coastal colors without spending your time repairing and replacing worn boards or restaining dock materials. Endeck’s Forest Series and Woodland Series provide a wealth of options for your perfect look.

  • Forest Series – Not only does Endeck’s Forest Series have rich color with subtle variations from board to board,  but it also has the embossed wood grain and texture of some of the world’s most exotic hardwoods. Endeck’s boards are also dual-sided, creating the most design versatility without any of the issues and costs of hardwood or composite dock materials. Choose from five stunning colors or mix and match for a unique look.
  • Woodland Series – The classic look of Endeck’s Woodland Series complements coastal or earthy aesthetics but can fit with just about any design scheme. The Woodland Series has three gorgeous colors and ensures you’ll spend more time enjoying your dock and less time maintaining it.

Endeck is so confident in its PVC dock decking materials that a lifetime warranty is standard on all its decking.

Trust Endeck for Dock Materials That Do It All – With Style

Why use boat dock materials that require constant maintenance and never look quite as good as when they’re first installed when you can have day one beauty for the life of your dock. Say goodbye to spending your weekends maintaining your dock and hello to a dock that is safe, easy to maintain, and so beautiful that it becomes a family destination.

Contact the friendly professionals at Endeck to learn more about the last dock decking you may ever need.