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Dock Decking Materials for Custom Dock Builders that Exceed Expectations

Whether you specialize in luxury private docks or the busiest marina docks, Endeck PVC Decking makes your job easier and leaves your clients singing your praises.

Attention to detail, custom design, and the highest quality materials are the hallmarks of custom dock builders. Endeck PVC Decking helps you stay ahead of the competition with innovative pvc dock decking materials that combine the best of what science offers with the high-end aesthetics of the most exotic hardwoods. Your clients deserve the best. Expect nothing less with Endeck.

Be On-Time and On-Budget with Reliable Dock Decking Material

Staying on time and within budget is one of the best ways to maintain customer confidence. Supply chain issues, freight costs, and unexpected material loss can quickly derail a project and cause frustration for both parties. Endeck’s domestically sourced and easy-to-use decking eliminates most common dock decking material issues and makes you the hero.

Benefits of Endeck PVC Decking that make dock decking installation easy and budget-friendly:

  • Adaptable: Dual-sided color and texture mean Endeck boards are more forgiving during installation and save material usage.
  • Lightweight: Endeck PVC Decking is more lightweight than composite, capped composite, or treated decking, making transport and installation a breeze compared to other dock decking materials.
  • Accessible: Unlike many other dock decking materials, Endeck is made in Florida with domestically sourced materials, making it readily available.
  • Straightforward: Endeck doesn’t require any special tools, and no pre-drilling is necessary. It doesn’t get more builder friendly.
  • Versatile: 12’,16’, and 20’ boards are available to meet various application needs.

Stay in Demand With Affordable Luxury

When building custom decks, higher-end design, and quality dock decking materials are expected. With Endeck PVC decking, even the most discerning customers will be amazed by the choices of finishes that make their dock not only custom-designed but with color and texture that turns heads and makes them the envy of friends and family.

Endeck features two design series to satisfy every design aesthetic:

  • Woodland Series – Endeck’s Woodland Series appeals to classic design with soft, earthy colors. Often favored by coastal communities due to its beachy color scheme, the Woodland Series is a great choice for anyone, regardless of location or application. Color choices include ashwood, beachwood, and olivewood.
  • Forest Series – For a more exotic hardwood design, Endeck’s Forest Series mimics the world’s most exotic hardwoods in color variation, depth of color, and texture. All of the luxury of the most sought out hardwoods with all of the benefits of PVC decking. Five color options, including cedar, chestnut, sequoya, coastal, and slate, provide a wealth of high-end design options.

Exceed Expectations with Endeck PVC Dock Decking Materials

There are many custom dock builders and even more builders that build the same docks with the same problems over and over again. Stand apart from the competition with dock decking that not only stands the test of time but does so with the timeless look of hardwood and durability that’s heads above the rest.

It takes skill to design and build and custom dock. It takes great decking to make it beautiful for many years to come. Custom dock builders plus Endeck PVC Decking equals a winning combination.

Contact the innovative and friendly team at Endeck to learn more about how you can exceed expectations with your next custom build.