Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Endeck products

Learn more about our products’ characteristics, installation and maintenance. If you’re unable to find an answer that relates to your inquiry, please contact us.

Is Endeck code approved?

Yes.  Endeck has been code approved since 2009.

How long is the Endeck warranty?

Lifetime!  Endeck is warranted for as long as you own your home!

What is capped cellular PVC and why is this better than wood and composite?

Endeck’s unique cellular PVC is engineered to have a solid uniform cell structure inside which is completely sealed with our HardCover capstock for the ultimate in protection and durability.  Our quality deck products do not contain fillers or inorganic ingredients and ensures a rugged and durable yet lightweight product which will not rot, grow mold, splinter or allow termites to take hold and can be recycled at any point in its lifecycle.

Do I ever need to stain, paint, or seal Endeck?

No!  Endeck liberates homeowners from time consuming and expensive staining, painting,and sealing forever.  Endeck’s Hardcover Capstock will maintain it’s beautiful color and appearance for decades while eliminating decades worth of unneeded stains, paints and sealers.

How many Endeck colors are available?

We offer three soft earthy hues in with our mono Woodland Series and five deep, rich, variegated colors with our Forest Series.  All colors are woodgrain embossed on both sides for 360 degree beauty to last a lifetime!

Forest Series Colors

Woodland Series Colors

Is Endeck recyclable?

Yes!  Endeck is completely recyclable at the end of your deck or dock’s useful life.  Additionally, no trees were harvested to provide your decking and no chemicals for preservatives or sealers were used during the life of your project.  Very eco-friendly!

Aren't all types of plastic decking recyclable?

No.  Most composite decking products contain wood or other organic fillers that prevent them from being recycled even if those products were able to last for the structure’s useful life.  Endeck Cellular PVC Decking contains no fillers or ingredients that would hinder being fully recycled.  So not only will Endeck last as long as the life of the structure; the boards can be fully recycled or reused if the overall structure outlives its usefulness.

What type of maintenance is required with Endeck?

Endeck is virtually maintenance free except for a periodic cleaning to remove any environmental residue to keep your decking looking brand new.  Endeck is easily cleaned with just the spray of a hose or for stubborn stains, using a mild soap and water.

Does it get slippery when wet?

Endeck decking has excellent slip resistance when either wet or dry thanks to the deeply embossed woodgrain texture on both sides.

Will termites damage Endeck?

Because Endeck is 100% Cellular PVC and completely free from organic fillers such as wood flour or rice hulls, it is impervious to insects including termites.  No chemicals needed!

Is Endeck safe to walk barefoot on or allow my children to play on?

Unlike other deck materials, Endeck remains cooler to the touch even on hot summer days and contains no chemicals from preservatives or sealers that could transfer to skin or clothing.  Endeck will not splinter and contains no stiffeners such as fiberglass which could cause skin irritation making your deck safe for family enjoyment!

How does Endeck stand up to stains and scratches?

Endeck decking employs our exclusive HardCover technology capstock and is extremely stain and scratch resistant.  Endeck is able to withstand all conditions including moving deck furniture, wine spills, or dropping a greasy burger.  We recommend prompt cleanup for best results.

Can I use a rubber backed mat or rubber backed outdoor rug on Endeck decking?

A rubber backed mat and some vinyl or polypropylene-backed products used on top of Endeck decking will cause a reaction with the PVC material causing discoloration.  A woven mat made of colorfast natural fibers is recommended to prevent this occurrence.  In the event that a rubber mat was accidentally placed upon the deck, in some situations exposure to UV light and heat or waving a heat gun on a low setting about 6 to 8 inches away from the surface with continuous motion, may help to alleviate or offset the discoloration.

Can Endeck decking be power washed?

Yes, Endeck’s rugged outer HardCover Capstock will stand up to reasonable powerwashing.  If pressure washing, use a wide fan tip, at low pressure (under 1200 psi) and keep the tip at least 12” above the deck.  However, you should not need to use a pressure washer to clean your deck.  A periodic hosing off with a soap and water solution is adequate for most conditions.

Could mold and mildew grow on Endeck decking?

Endeck is composed of 100% cellular PVC which does not support mold or mildew growth.  No moisture can penetrate into the decking material which is one of the main reasons marinas love Endeck decking.  Spores simply cannot take hold and penetrate in the material.  However, if dirt or environmental residue is allowed to accumulate on the deck surface, that material could grow mold and would simply need to be sprayed off with a mild detergent solution.

Will extreme temperature fluctuations affect my decking?

Endeck is engineered to handle hot desert sun to salt coastal climates to the deep snows of the tundra and is even used on docks and marinas due to its excellent performance.  Endeck outperform other decking with its limited thermal expansion at 1/16” over wide temperature spread.

What about fading?

Our Endeck deck boards will outperform wood and composite materials requiring no upkeep with minimal fading.  We’re so confident that we offer a 30 Year Fade Warranty on our darker Forest Series colors.  Details are outlined in our Forest Series Warranty document.  Rest easy knowing you can have an exotic hardwood aesthetic without the need to annually apply stain.

What type of tools are required for Endeck Installation?

No special tools are needed to cut or install Endeck decking.  Using the same tools as you would for a wood deck, you can easily cut, shape, fasten, nail or screw without worrying about splits.  No pre-drilling is necessary.

What type of fasteners should be used for Endeck installation?

Many types of fasteners are available for use with Endeck Decking such as Starborn/Headcote Decking screws, Starborn Pro-plug, Hid-fast, Camo and other equivalents.  Please refer to our Fastener sheet under our Resources tab for further recommendations.  Always make sure the fasteners you use are rated for your environment  and also the treated substructure on which you’re installing.

How far should the joist spacing be?

We recommend standard joist spacing of 16” On Center spacing for residential projects and 12” spacing for commercial projects.  This is standard spacing for a typical wood deck board.  Please see Installation Instructions for further details and recommendations.

What size deck boards are available for Endeck?

Endeck deck boards are 1” x 5.5” and available in 12’, 16’ and 20 ‘ lengths.

Does Endeck offer a fascia board in matching colors to the decking boards?

Yes Endeck fascia is available in all colors to use for covering of band boards or ripping to make stair risers.  Endeck Fascia boards measure 7/16” x 11 ¾” x 12 ft.

Can Endeck be curved or bent to make custom radiuses?

Yes!  Even though Endeck is a very rigid board, it can be heated and thermoformed for unique designs and custom products.  Heat blankets or make shift job site ovens will be needed for your contractor to accomplish this.  Contact us for further details and recommendations.

Do you recommend Endeck for wheelchair ramps?

Absolutely!  Endeck’s embossed wood grain provides an excellent slip resistant surface both wet and dry.  Also the Hardcover Capstock provides a very durable, ultra low maintenance surface for decades of performance.

Can I use Endeck for privacy screens or Fencing applications?

Yes!  Endeck boards are Dual Sided/Reversible with our embossed woodgrain on both sides, making it ideal for Privacy Screen, Fencing, Outdoor Showers or any project where both sides of the board will be visible.  Eastern Metal Supply offers our Universal Enclosure System to accommodate Endeck boards being used in both a vertical and horizontal installation.  Please see our Resources tab for further details on the Aluminum Universal Enclosure System.

Where is Endeck manufactured?

Endeck is made in Florida with domestically sourced materials.

Is Endeck available in Canada?

Yes!  Endeck is distributed in Canada through National Forest Products.