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Discover the beautiful look of wood deck boards without the heavy maintenance.

Traditional wood deck boards have been the choice of homeowners for years. The rich beauty of wood deck boards is undeniable. However, that beauty is often short-lived without frequent restaining and sealing or painting. Even then, rot, splinters, mold, warping, or insects are likely to lead to replacement of wood deck boards.

If only there were a way to have the beauty of wood deck boards without all of the heavy maintenance. You asked and Endeck answered with pvc decking that has all of the warmth and beauty of wood deck boards – while also being maintenance-free.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Endeck’s Wood Deck Board Alternative

Endeck’s PVC Decking is not just a wood deck board alternative. It’s everything you love about wood deck boards and none of the things that leave you frustrated year after year. Endeck PVC Decking is quite possibly the last decking you’ll ever need.

Endeck PVC decking offers the following benefits and advantages over wood deck boards.

Timeless Beauty of Wood Deck Boards

Endeck’s premium PVC decking solution provides a stunning look that emulates the warmth and natural grain of traditional wood without the deterioration issues associated with wood deck boards.

Design options include:

  • Forest Series: Five stunning colors emulate the world’s richest and most exotic hardwoods for accessible luxury.
  • Woodland Series: Three soft, earthly hues provide classic and timeless design options.

Dual-sided color, grain, and texture give homeowners even greater design versatility and beauty..

Exceptional Durability

Deck boards are exposed to a number of elements, including foot traffic, insects, and animals day after day.. Durability is a must. Traditional wood deck boards will eventually succumb to the pressures of outdoor conditions, but Endeck endures, remaining as beautiful as day one.

  • Endeck PVC Decking is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • It won’t fade, crack, or warp over time, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  • Because Endeck doesn’t contain organic material, you’ll never have to worry about termites or other insect damage.


Decks are for enjoying family, friends, or just quiet time outdoors. Using the time that should be used for relaxation to maintain your wood deck boards is frustrating. Endeck PVC Decking is virtually maintenance-free.

  • There is no need to restain, reseal, or paint Endeck PVC Decking – ever.
  • Clean-up is easy with the spray of a hose or soap and water.


More and more homeowners are concentrating on the environmental impact of their choices. You can feel confident about your choice of eco-friendly Endeck.

  • Endeck is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable.
  • No trees were harvested to create Endeck.
  • No staining, sealing, or painting means those chemicals aren’t impacting the environment.

Safe for Families and Pets

Above all else, your family and pets must be safe on your deck. Endeck is barefoot friendly, with the following:

  • Slip-resistant and splinter-free, bare feet can roam freely on Endeck deck boards.
  • Endeck is cooler than other deck boards, even in hot summer temperatures.
  • No chemicals from preservatives or seals in Endeck decking means no skin irritants for your family or pets.

Replace Your Wood Deck Boards for the Last Time with Endeck

When you replace your wood deck boards with Endeck PVC Decking, you’re making a decking choice that provides lasting luxurious beauty and durability. With Endeck PVC Decking’s lifetime warranty, it is likely the last decking decision you’ll ever have to make.

Experience the future of beautiful, maintenance-free decking with Endeck PVC Decking.