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Eastern Metal Supply: Your One-Stop Solution for Dock and Deck Rebuilding

The winds have died down, the sea has settled, and it is time to survey the damage from the storm and begin assessing the rebuilding process. It may seem overwhelming initially, but a team is standing by to guide you through the work and ease your stress. That group is Eastern Metal Supply. They deliver peace of mind.

Eastern Metal Supply: Competitive Pricing, High Quality, and Unmatched Customer Service

Eastern Metal Supply (EMS) and its family of products provide competitive pricing, high quality, and unmatched customer service on all the materials needed to get docks and decks repaired and replaced after the storm, along with the expertise to build back better than before.

Endeck PVC Decking: Engineered for Everyday Use

The basic building block of any dock or deck is the decking itself. Endeck PVC decking is fade-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant, all while being engineered to withstand everyday use. It remains cooler to the touch, splinter-free year after year, and rot-free, keeping it safe for children and pets. Endeck’s products are durable while being low maintenance, unlike any other decking on the market. They are waterproof, submersible, and fade-resistant. The double-sided board design means a longer lifespan for your deck or dock. If one side is damaged or fades, flip it over and wash off the bottom for a “new” look. Endeck deck boards are easy to cope, shape and bend, require no pre-drilling, and can be installed with various hidden or face fastening systems.

Sure-Step Dock & Decking: Environmentally Conscious and Barefoot Friendly

Sure-Step Dock & Decking is an innovative interlocking decking system for docks, marinas, gangways, and walkways. Made from virgin polypropylene, it contains no wood fibers. Its pattern is designed for sunlight and water penetration. This keeps vegetation alive and minimizes wave force for stability. Available in three, four, and five-foot lengths, Sure-Step is barefoot friendly, cooler to walk on, durable, and long-lasting, all while being environmentally conscious. Sure-Step has a slip-resistant surface and cleans up easily with mild soap and water.

EMS Aluminum Extrusions: Dock and Deck Support Solutions

EMS has waterfront homeowners covered when it comes to dock, ramp, gangway-related extrusions, bleacher planks, or seawall caps with sleeves. They can provide aluminum extrusions for dock or deck surfaces with non-skid finishes in multiple plank widths. EMS offers two and three-piece mating dock flooring systems. Their aluminum deck or dock support beams are structurally strong and cosmetically pleasing. EMS also provides a special 12″ aluminum extrusion for steps and a unique aluminum extrusion used as a 16″ one-piece walk-board.

Aluminum Boat Lifts: High-Strength Support and Superior Surface Quality

EMS offers a complete line of inventory for aluminum boat lifts. They start with a special alloy/temper composition for the highest strength characteristics, coupled with a superior surface quality on their I-Beams. EMS also inventories many machined and fabricated parts such as pulley brackets and cable winders.

Eastern Metal Supply: Rebuilding Efforts and Future Preparedness

Eastern Metal Supply has all of these products and more at the ready as rebuilding efforts continue, and to help prepare for the next storm that may be coming on the horizon. For more information, please visit: